Hilary Duff - Girl Can Rock

31. ledna 2008 v 21:01 | Verča

Hilary Duff - Girl Can Rock


Ready for the big time, ready for the small Whatever´s comin´ to me, I´ll be ready for it all Sometimes it ain´t easy, sometimes its not polite Some days I don´t get it, some days I get it right

[Chorus:] It´s in my heart, it´s in my head Thats what i said

Hey Boys are you ready for the shock I´m living prook, the girls can rock Spread the new around every single block Hey boys, the girl can rock

Standin´ in the spotlight workin´ up a sweat Givin´ all i got and lovin´ what i get I can´t hold back what i feel inside and if i make you nervous, you better stop aside


The girl can rock Don´t say maybe or call me ´baby´ I ain´t crazy at all

[Chorus 2x]

I´m gonna live it up I´ll never give it up I´m gonna spread the news around the block It ain´t no shock...the girl can rock [3x]

Yeah, Rock!

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